I'm allowed to say this publicly too #VoteSA #VoteDA

I have been doing naughty things at great speed on the various highways that we have here in Cape Town. My recent purchase of an over-powered and over-powering "Commuting Bike" has been causing me to invent reasons for getting around Town. A lot. I also usually need to get wherever I need to be really quickly... Therefore, I notice that we have excellent roads with nice grippy tar every time I find myself entering some corner at an absurd lean-angle by accident

I have been riding on some very nice roads recently and I am very, very grateful. The stack of speeding fines in my drawer carries with it a monetary value to my gratefulness. 

ONE of those roads is called Helen Suzman Blvd and the thought has often entered my mind that I wonder who she was and what she had to do to have a nice road named after her in the New South Africa

I am also lazy and have left actually finding out to apparently right now.

I just saw this video courtesy of The South African

It is interesting! The #DA made it and I have to say it is very, very self-congratulatory, but that's OK. I like it anyway. Enough to want to say "Ek stem saam!" out in public.

U edel-agbare. Ek stem saam.

Edit: You might have heard of the Helen Suzman Foundation, which has been in the news recently.