devopsdays 2018 speaking engagement (now with more prosperity)

I've been invited to speak at devopsdays 2018 Cape Town on the 20th of September 2018.

My talk will be about Hashicorp's nomad, a job schedule. 

Here are my conference slides for future posterity.


I'm adding a link to the source code of the slides on here too.

Seriously. Please give the slides a look so what I'm about to say makes sense, it'll take you 2 seconds. The link takes you to a single-page html/javascript app that I use whenever I have to present ideas to groups of people. I run that code on my laptop and connect an HDMI for the overhead projector...

I was in a serious technical conversation today and I took an argumentative position that clojure/script is a pragmatic implementation language for real software projects by real developers, engineers and devopses, facing real project deadlines. My basic argument is that if you use clojure/script, you need fewer lines of code to achieve a specific result than you'd need if you used some other language. That fewer lines of code means there are fewer things to comprehend or mentalise while you are busy doing maintenance work on that code. Also, fewer lines of code, means fewer logical places where things can go wrong.

The counter argument is that syntax sometimes aids in readability. I don't know about that, to be honest. If you can get by without syntax, then you're left with the meaning behind the code. And if you express the meaning meaningfully, then you get a piece of code that's a delight to work with.

(PS/rant - I hate traditional slide-deck software. I'd rather edit a piece of code to build my slide content than dick around with a mouse and icons I can barely see.)