On the easy marriage between computer games and spirituality

While dabbling in Eastern Spirituality I've encountered this idea of "Transcendental Truth". That is; Truth which is imparted using a particular form (eg speech, sound, words etc) but is not bound by that form. The form literally describes the outline of the Truth that is being communicated but is not itself the thing being described. Once grasped, the form can then be left behind.

I (imperfectly) recall a Sutra in which one of the Buddha's disciples asked him a question about form. In the answer the Buddha likens his teaching to a canoe and the disciple needing the canoe in order to cross a river. Once the river is crossed, the canoe can be safely left behind. No need to carry a canoe into the desert where it will only be a hindrance.

Anyway - All of this only to say that the Transcendental Truth is described by the form you encounter it in, without being contained by it.